Sunday, September 11, 2011

its not negligence.

Ok so maybe it is.

I have a cold, one week left of summer, and a cold.  I have a stuffy nose.  Seven more days until school starts.  A cold.  Sinus problems.  Cold.  Summer.  One week.  School.

Today feels like blah.

I'm spending the day outside on a blanket, alternating between finishing (starting) my required reading, unenthusiastically browsing pictures from New York's Fashion Week, and sitting quietly with thoughts of September 11th.

Today feels like a day to do that thing you should do everyday.
That thing that's called telling the people that matter that you love them.

Today feels like a quiet and remembering and sunny and grateful day.
I'm going to blow my nose and text my sister.

See you soon (with food).

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