Friday, September 30, 2011


H&M sweater; BDG high waisted jeans; American Eagle tank; Kelsi Dagger boots; H&M jacket; Ray Ban glasses
The day started out gray and drizzly but burned off by the time I got out of class, rendering my trusty olive army coat completely useless.  Still, bright colors felt completely wrong, so I layered up some intermittently tight and slouchy neutrals.

I don't wear glasses or contacts in everyday life, but I have a pair to wear when I drive at night and when I want to look a lot like my mom.  Vision correction as an opportunity to accessorize?  Yuh I'll take it.

Previously seen here, these are probably my favorite shoes, as evidenced by their not-so-subtle signs of wear.  My rule for boot shopping is that they must work equally well with pants and bare legs, and these little dudes pass the test with flying colors.

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