Monday, August 8, 2011


You may notice a pattern when it comes to pictures taken on the deck of this ship.  Hint: It’s the wind.

Free People sweater; CND Nail Polish in Raspberry Parfait
Also I just have to say a few things.  I’m sorry.

It is my second day on this cruise.  Cruises are bizarre.  Cruises are wonderful, but they are bizarre.

People never stop eating.  All hours of the day and night, vacationers are flocking to the restaurants and the buffets and the cafes and the BARS my GOD, doing their darndest to perhaps even MAKE money off this cruise by gorging themselves on steak and shrimp cocktail and caramelized pear crepes.  I have so many feelings about this constant state of consumption.  It can’t be good for anyone.  It can’t be good for the (few) children.  It can’t be good for the (MANY) old people.  And because I can get cookies and milk delivered to my stateroom literally 24/7, it is definitely not good for me.  This blog very well may take a turn for the muumuu.  Please stay tuned.

The voice of Jason, our “Cruise Director,” periodically blasts from the intercoms and everyone stops what they are doing to listen.  My sister has said the phrase, “I think I’m in a horror movie,” more than once.  Imagine frozen people all over a ship receiving instructions.  Yessss Jason, we are you servantsssss Jason, the weather in Juneau is 68 degreeeees, we shall do your every biddinggggg Jason, Tai Chi on deck 9 at noooooon, all hail Jason.

Tomorrow is our first “formal night.”  Not only am I curious to see what I am going to wear (since none of the clothing I brought is particularly more fancy than anything else), I am also thrilled at the prospect of seeing hundreds of senior citizens in opera-worthy attire.  Grandparents.  Taking.  Prom pictures.  I might not be able to sleep.

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