Wednesday, August 10, 2011

raise your waist.

Sparkle & Fade sweater; Kimchi Blue trousers; Jeffrey Campbell wedges; Calvin Klein pearls
This is me mimicking fashiontoast’s Rumi circa sometime last month.  My mustard-colored silk trousers have a bit more of a paperbag waist than hers do (and thus necessitate some serious sweater tuckage), but otherwise it’s a pretty good copy, don’t you think?  I had planned on posing sideways to even further the likeness, but then I remembered that I have a beak growing out of my face that looks, if possible, even more birdlike from the side.

fashiontoast is one of the style blogs that I check on the daily (along with Cupcakes and Cashmere).   Model/blogger Rumi’s closet makes me salivate, and her travels make me gnaw at my arm in jealousy.  So fashiontoast turns me into a sort of rabid dog or something.   Also just looking at her makes me think about never ever ever eating again, but that’s a different story.  Her wispy run-on blurbs set beneath magazine-worthy street-style photography are reminiscent of both her endless limbs and almost too perfectly tousled tresses.  Ugh.  Some girls have it all.

And some girls go white water rafting in Juneau in RUBBER PANTS.
I think we both know who came out on top in this one.

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