Thursday, August 11, 2011

poppin my collar as i glide.

American Eagle button down; vintage Andrew Gellar pumps; Cargo lipstick in Satori

The other fitted blue button down, with its sleeves rolled up and no jewelry to detract from its splendor.  I think fitted blue button downs were what this Alaskan cruise line meant by “smart casual.”  I let this one hang out over a black body con skirt with an exposed back zipper and felt altogether pleased with my life choices.

Not everybody is down with second hand shoes, but when they are magenta 80’s cut kitten heels, the correct answer is YES.  Notice how far up the foot the toe box is cut.  Absolutely no chance of toe cleavage =  standard retro shoe design.  My mom has red pumps cut like this from when she was a workerwoman in Oakland.  She carried them in her briefcase on BART and changed out of her Nikes once she got to the office.  My mom is a badass.  She has awesome shoe taste that probably warrants its own post.  Unfortunately I cannot steal any of her footwear because she is a shrimp person with baby-sized feet.  She thanks God every night for this fact. 

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