Tuesday, August 23, 2011

knit and chipped.

Chloe K sweater; Champion sports bra; Rachel earrings; American Eagle shorts; Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars; Coach bag
Sometimes -- a word which here means "often" -- I wear neon sports bras with normal clothing and let the dayglo pink straps hang out.  Its lazy/functional/sort of a 1980's babysitter look, and today I ran with it.

For another day of cleaning and organizing, I dug out my 7th grade Chucks.  Veritable antiques, they've got middle school inside jokes scrawled in pen on the instep and some paint splatter souvenirs from my first year of college build crew requirement.

I rediscovered this crossbody Coach bag while cleaning out my closet and have since realized that it meets all of my late summer purse needs (neutral, light color, holds a lot without being massive).  My great aunt gave it to me when I met her two years ago in Osaka, Japan.  She could speak only a handful of English words (beer, New York City and Central Park...literally that's it) and drank like a fish when we went out to dinner.  She was unbelievable.  She brought purses for both my sister and me -- because apparently you bring presents when meeting your sister's grandchildren from America? -- and had tucked a little silk cherry blossom handkerchief into each of them.  We were floored.

I think we thanked her for 27 straight minutes.

She said, "Beer."

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