Tuesday, August 23, 2011

in terms of days, we're at the dog's tail.

Its late summer and I’m back in Chicagoland, really seriously thinking about unpacking and actually eating half of a full-sized watermelon every day.  With a spoon.  And when no one is looking I slurp up the dripping watermelon juice. 

Don’t waste a drop of summer, kids.

My apartment is undergoing its yearly pre-school-year cleanse, and while my brain is all aflutter with painting plans that may or may not come to fruition, I’ve satiated the organizational monster that dwells inside of me by going full-tilt Neat Freak on my closet.

Beautiful clothing storage makes me sigh with happiness, and not only because I am a crazy person who enjoys order.  I think that compartmentalized and clean closets facilitate style experimentation, and also make getting dressed more fun.  When you can clearly see (and easily reach) your entire wardrobe at one time, you will find yourself pairing items that you’d never even considered wearing together, layering pieces in new ways, and perhaps even discovering things you’d forgotten about because they were smashed between two big grandpa sweaters.  That happens to me all the time.  I love grandpa sweaters. 

My closet is a far cry from Carrie Bradshaw’s in terms of space, so my challenge was to make every square inch count.  With the help of some woven basket beauties from World Market and a bunch of extra hangers (I no longer embrace the doubling up of items per hanger.  14 tank tops on one piece of wire?!  Enough was enough), I have found a method that will be as easy to keep up as it is on the eyes. 

Granted, the rest of my room looks like it recently suffered an explosive attack.  I am choosing to blame this on the giant fan I’m using to keep the Midwest August at bay. 

That's all.  I will be in my closet admiring my shoe shelf if you need me.

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