Sunday, August 7, 2011

getting your sea legs.

American Apparel leotard; Silence and Noise studded skirt; YAYA jacket; Classiques Entier heels

Some serious struggles on deck as our ship pulled away from the United States coastline.

Yesterday, while exploring during our first few hours onboard, we wandered into the “Technology Classroom” (reason you know this cruise is full of old people #1: they offer free classes about how to work your own computer).  The resident techspert launched into an overview of all of the things she could teach even us, a bunch of “computer-savvy teenagers.  How old are you all, anyway?” she asked.  And when I said twenty, she was legitimately shocked. “OH.  Well.  You will.  Um.  Age nicely.”

Just for that, lady, I’m wearing a leotard to dinner.  I may look “smart casual” as per the dress code when I’m wearing this awesome sherbert-colored cotton bomber, but when I take if off and reveal the deep scoop back, I hope you will think, ok fine.  She at least looks old enough to vote. 

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