Thursday, August 18, 2011

and boarded the plane.

H&M romper; Betsey Johnson silk belt; Calvin Klein pearls; Steve Madden pumps
Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for rompers.  They might be the perfect clothing item.  The ease of a dress, the comfort and movability of shorts - and its not a skort! - so plusses all around.  Also sometimes you can find them in black silk at H&M, and there is only one left, and its your perfect size, but its ripped at the shoulder, so you get it for very few dollars.  And that's what happened to me.  So I had my mom sew it up and then I wore it to cruise formal night #2.  Amen.

Sweet waist-ruching details / Wearing the only necklace I brought with me as a pearly cuff / My senior ball shoes that I am head over blue suede heels about.

Makes me think about this song which is my favorite song and I am not at all embarrassed to tell you that.

Sorry these posts are such a long time coming!  I thought I left my camera charger on the ship, but when I finally got around to unpacking (...yesterday...yikes), there it was at the bottom of my bag in a heap of clothing.  Sort of like my life. Anyway.  I'm back.

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