Wednesday, July 20, 2011

work, ready or not.

If I had been the stylist for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 that was forced to age a handful of characters 19 years using only bad wigs, weird facial hair and stuffy "British parent" clothing, I definitely would have reached for this skirt.

Zara Woman skirt; Pins and Needles shirt; Zara heels
A piece of magic from Zara Woman (usually just full of suit-y things), this skirt is undoubtedly working-mom attire if the working mom is Emma Watson and she's actually only 21.  It has all of the structure of an office outfit with none of the length that such a thing would usually necessitate, and it lends itself just as easily to a fitted blazer as it does a sheer silky top.  The skirt is faux-day-job-ready, just as Draco Malfoy is faux-goatee-ready.

How did anyone ever ok that goatee? So bad. So so bad.

The color is obviously brilliant, facilitating extreme colorblocking while also being reminiscent of the soft but set-shape minimalist styles -- which either come with curves sewn into them or are devoid of the feminine feature entirely.

These shoes were perhaps not the greatest call I've ever made for traversing the steep San Francisco streets on my way to work.  Uphill was golden, but downhill I think I looked like a duck.

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