Monday, July 18, 2011

hola from juan valdez.

H&M poncho and tank; American Eagle jeans; Lucky Brand necklace; Lucky Brand and vintage bracelets
As it should be exceedingly clear to you, I am not a model, and I will never ever in my entire life even sort of be a model.  This is true because of a lot of things, namely that my favorite food is cereal, and if left unchecked, I will eat an entire box in one sitting (not a good habit for those wishing to fit into sample sizes), and the fact that the above is my attempt at a serious, non-laughing face.  

This poncho is a wonderful, breezy knit from H&M with button-and-loop closures at the front and under each arm -- perfect for summer evenings when the sun goes down and your tank top will no longer cut it.

There is this rose bush in the backyard of my boyfriend's family's incredible house in California that SLAYS me.  I would like to dress emaciated women up in pale blue lacey frocks and take their picture next to it.

But thats just me I guess.
Ok, time for another bowl of Love Crunch.

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