Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bows and heels.

Kimchi Blue shirt; bebe silk shorts; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; American Apparel bow.  Can you even read this?  Its so small.  I think I'm going blind.
I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to become an institutional regular at the Starbucks one block south of where I work in the city.  I'm admittedly not doing a very good job because I don't go every day and I don't always order the same thing.  I have it in my mind, however, that some day soon I'm going to push through the double doors and all of the baristas are going to look up at me and say, "Hi Kendra!  The regular for you this morning?" in unison.  Or perhaps song.

Yesterday I made some huge strides in that direction, because one barista told me she liked my shirt, and when she wrote my name on my cup she repeated it like she was committing it to memory.  Here's hoping.

How do these shoes work?  I have no idea.  They continue to baffle onlookers everywhere I go.  Somehow Mr. Campbell has discovered a way to support a person's entire foot by really just supporting their ball and heel.  My sole is just hanging out.  You could poke the bottom of my foot with a stick if you wanted, but I'd rather you didn't.  I do not understand the science behind these beauties, which is why Jeff is the shoe genius and I am just a twenty year old who has sworn allegiance to both him and his products for the rest of my shoe-wearing career.


  1. SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. SHAMAZING. JC is such a genius. I'm proud of you for these.

    I'm also really proud of the strides I've made toward becoming a reg at the coffee shop in my new neighborhood. They don't quite know my order by heart yet (it's gonna be really nice to not have to be the douchebag who orders a quad Americano with a soy topper...YIKES), but they definitely know who I am. These things take time, right? And at least they don't know me as the girl who eats all the free samples and stalks the aisles for hours before eventually buying only produce and bakery items (I'm sorry, Whole Foods Evanston).

  2. These are the shoes perfect for a tickling the foot :-D