Sunday, July 17, 2011

blue jean baby girl

If anyone is aware of an article of clothing that is more effortlessly put-together than a blue button down with its sleeves rolled up, I ask you to please procure that article and mail it to me immediately as I know of no such object.

Zara top; American Eagle shorts; Steve Madden sandals; Vintage bracelet; Furla bag

I went shopping in Union Square last weekend with my mother and found not one but two lovely long-sleeved beauties.  The other is a little more standard-issue editor-chic, but I couldn't wait to don this fantastically detailed and super soft denim number from Zara.

Shoulder epaulettes, gingham and polka-dot lining, off-color pocket and elbow dye jobs that remind me of this supamodel darling... you can't not love it.  Its like a heating and cooling repairman uniform except awesome.

This ferocious individual shares about 50% of my DNA.  She took the pictures in this post, is a badass, and is 16 years old so STAY THE HECK AWAY BOYS OR I WILL COME AT YOU WITH A WEAPON.  Thank you for your understanding.

Also thank you for permitting the inclusion of the following photograph.

Things happen.

This is the bag I've been carrying all summer, which is a nice still-roomy change from my the massive Coach tote I carry to class.  The ribbon/chain strap is a good alternative to a lot of jewelry so I dragged it with me to San Jo for a big family dinner.

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